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Yard Cleaning – Dallas Junk Removal

Spring is here and so is yard cleaning season. Do you have a spring project that has left behind tree limbs, branches, mulch, grass clippings, or other yard waste that you need removed? Then call us today!

It is spring time in Texas and the sights, sounds, and smell of spring are in the air. With the change in temperatures often comes yard work! This is the time of year when homeowners will change out their flower beds, cut the lawn extra low, and trim trees in anticipation for new growth. You may find yourself doing some yard work and in need of yard waste removal. If so, Eagle Cleanup is here to help you with your yard waste removal. We can help remove yard waste and also any old yard furniture, trampolines, toys, or other items that you may need removed as well. We service Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Highland Park, Lake Highlands, Richardson, Carrollton, and many other Dallas suburbs. Here are a few things that we can remove from your house/yard.

  1. Tree Limbs and Branches – If you are trimming back some shrubs or trimming larger trees, we can help you remove those old branches and limbs with ease.
  2. Bags of Grass Clippings – If you are bagging your grass and have bags of grass clippings and leaves, we can take it all and remove it for you.
  3. Old Yard Furniture or Toys – Sometimes there is an old piece of furniture or toys that need to be removed from your yard. We can take them as well! You can place your old yard furniture or toys with the yard waste to be removed all at once, saving you time and hassle.
  4. Other Trash or Junk –  Do you have other items or junk that you need removed? Maybe you are doing some spring cleaning in your garage. Eagle Cleanup has the crew and equipment to help you do all of this with ease. We can remove your garage junk, yard junk, yard waste, and other items. You may not have a truck, or just don’t have the time. If so, put our crew to work for you!

Give us a call today! If you are a residential customer looking for garage junk removal or any other kind of junk removal project, we are here to help. We can put our 38 years of experience to work for you saving you the time and hassle of having to remove that trash or junk yourself.

Looking for trash or junk removal services in Dallas, TX or the surrounding DFW metroplex? Then call Eagle Cleanup today! Eagle Cleanup has been serving the DFW metroplex since 1992 and we have experience in construction site cleanup along with residential junk removal. Contact us today for a free quote.